Clinic Scheduling


The housestaff clinics scheduling responds to educational needs, patient care needs, and ACGME recommendations. 


Click here for your Continuity Clinic   rotation specific scheduling and Clinic Cancellation rules.  Your clinics will show up in the AMION system. The Outpatient Block schedules will be emailed to you before the OPD block, you can also contact Dr. Chang (PGY2 and 3) and Dr.Mackey (PGY1) for an advance copy.


Click here for frequently asked questions on clinic scheduling for the housestaff.


Usually our clinic templates allows


·         30-minute appointments for follow up clinics, this include hospital discharges.

·         Brand new patients are given 60-minute appointments.

·         Morning sessions are three hours long (9am-12pm).

·         afternoon sessions are four hours long (1pm-5pm)

·         Afternoon “Short clinic” ( in the ICUs, etc.) is three hours long (2-5pm).

·         The schedule allows you to ‘overbook’ 2 patients/session on your own using Soarian.

·         Please make sure to arrive on time, check with your PIC and patient reps before leaving clinic early.


ACGME previously recommended that physicians in training average ~4 pts per session for ideal learning and patient care.  Specifically:

        PGY I- “The number of patients seen by a first-year resident, when averaged over the year, must not be less than 3 or greater than 5 per 1/2-day session.”

        PGY II- “The number of patients seen by a second-year resident, when averaged over the year, must not be less than 4 or greater than 6 per 1/2-day session.”

        PGY III- “The number of patients seen by a third-year resident, when averaged over the year, must not be less than 4 per 1/2-day session.”


Although these recs are dated, we do find these numbers to be a good range to aim for to ensure adequate outpt clinical encounters to develop your ambulatory skills and knowledge base.  During your training, we will provide you your own patient/session count reports. Using these reports, our staff will up or down titrate your template slots to ensure a comfortable learning volume.