Useful Clinical Calculators and Quick Guidelines


Health Decisions

·         Shared decision for A fib, CV risk, Frax, lung/breast ca screening


·         ACC anticoagulation Combo Calculator

·         CV Risk Calculator AHA/ACA Nov 2013  (Web version)

·         Statin/Aspirin Choice Shared Decision Tool from Mayo Clinic’s Shared Decision Tool Site        

·         DAPT calculator (risk/benefit for dual antiplatelet therapy)


·         Mayo anti-depressant shared decision -English   Spanish

·         PHQ-9 Depression and GAD 7 ANXIETY Screening Questions (Spanish/English and many many others)   

·         MDQ Bipolar Disorder Screening Tool              (english only)

·         AUDIT- Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test        

Chronic Pain

·         WOMAC scale for knee OA     PDF         info    

·         PCS Pain Catastrophizing Scale         Tool               Info

·         ACR Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria

·         The Diagnosis, Intractability, Risk, Efficacy (DIRE) tool assesses the risk of opioid abuse and suitability

·         Chronic Pain Function (FAQ5) and BPI (Brief Pain inventory) tools 

·         Opioid Use Risk Assessment Tool (links to Opiod Risk Tool and other useful pain mgmt resources)                


·         Topical Steroids Potency Table

·         DermIS                        Derm tutorial                   Derm Atlas


·         10 yr fracture calculator (from Frax, click on calculator on top)

· (calculator that does not require lab values)


·         CDC fall assessment videos

ID –HIV PReP use



·         AUA score-to gauge BPH sx

·         GFR Calculator                   Staging of Chronic Kidney Disease (from NKF)

·         kidney failure risk equation - the risk of progression in stage 3-5 CKD

·         Cohen morality risk calculator for dialysis


·         Mini Cog Test          MiniMental         MOCA

·         Stroke Risk


·         Breast Screening Decision Support Calculator (for patients)

·         Breast Cancer Risk Calculator (Gail Model)    

·         Breast Cancer Risk Calculator (BSCS simplified version)

·         Warfarin Dose Calculator (for initial dosing)

Preoperative Evaluation

ACC/AHA 2007

RCRI updated 2006


·         ACS NSQIP Surgical Risk Calculator

·         or DASI online Calculator (Duke’s activity score)            Table 3 (METS estimation)                 

·         Revised Goldman’s Cardiac Risk Index (2006)  

Pulmonary/Sleep apnea

·         Sleep Apnea screening  -   Epworth Sleepiness Scale  and StopBang survey

·          Asthma Action Plan             ACT Score (Spn Eng)    NY Clinical Guideline for Asthma Mgmt     

·         CDC TB Facts  TB treatment table                   NY DOH recommendation on CXR for +PPD letter   

·         Asthma LABA Rx equivalents


·         The ACR Appropriateness Criteria a searchable website accessing evidence based guideline to help clinicians choose the appropriate radiological test.

·         Xray calculator (radiation dose calculation)

Smoking Cessation

·         Smoking Cessation prescription chart  from DOH

·         Quick Tobacco Cessation Pharmacotherapy Pocket Guideline from CUMTCP


·         Morphine equivalence calculator

·         Ophthalmology Glossery (courtesy of Dr. Chiang/Caspar)

·         Calorie Chart - Foods Sorted Alphabetically

·         EPC Evidence Reports