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Alcoholic Anonymous (see below for non-AA options*)

New York
    New York Intergroup
    Main: (212)647-1680
    TDD: (212)647-1649, FAX: (212)647-1648

New York
    Oficina Central Hispana De A.A
    Main: (212)348-2644
    FAX: (212)348-2689



*Non-AA options for peer self-help support Non-AA options for peer self-help support

(thanks to Dr. Meredith Kelly)



*Smart Recovery (

A non-religious, non-12-step option:  Stands for "Self-Management and Recovery Training"

Aims for abstinence from alcohol or drugs through self-empowerment and self-directed change

Emphasizes self-empowerment, self-reliance, and self-directed change

Based on principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

Teaches specific tools and techniques within a 4-point program:

Enhancing and maintaining motivation to abstain

Coping with urges

Problem solving (managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors)

Lifestyle balance (balancing momentary and enduring satisfactions)

Cognitive strategies (positive thinking)

Letting the body help (relaxation techniques, meditation, diet, and physical exercise)


*Rational Recovery (

Non-12-step, non-religious 

Abstinence-based approach to recovery that is the self-proclaimed "antithesis and irreconcilable arch-rival of Alcoholics Anonymous."

At the core of the Rational Recovery (RR) program is the Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT), which appears to be a training exercise in simple will power. Based on a Structural Model of Addiction, a crash course in AVRT is presented on the Rational Recovery as a "public service" in the form of 28 flash cards. 


Moderation Management (MM):  According to the NIAAA, there are four times as many problem drinkers as alcoholics in the United States, but there are very few programs that specifically address their needs. Moderation Management is one of those programs.  Moderation Management is a recovery program and national support group network for people who want to reduce their drinking and make other positive lifestyle changes.



Women for Sobriety (

Uses 12-step idea but steps are totally different, not focused on "God."  For Women.


HAMS Harm reduction for alcohol (Harm reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation)  (

HAMS is a peer-led and free-of-charge support and informational group for anyone who wants to change their drinking habits for the better. The acronym HAMS stands for Harm reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation Support. HAMS Harm Reduction strategies are defined in the 17 elements of HAMS. HAMS offers information and support via a chat room, an email group, and live meetings--as well as in the HAMS Book and the articles.


Other 12-step:

Marijuana Anonymous (MA)  – Positive patient experiences with this group.  Follows the 12-step model, anecdotally less religious. 


Pills Anonymous (PA)  ( – Positive patient experiences with this group