SBAP presentation format

Situation   4 examples:

“I have a busy afternoon with 5 patients scheduled including a complicated hospital discharge, I am going to be more rushed than usual.  Here’s my first patient, she is just here to follow up a change we made to her antihypertensive regimen 2 months ago.”

This helps your preceptors to know how to dial down their teaching and help with patient flow.

“This is a patient whom I have followed for several years, she is complex and chronically ill. My main question today is how to evaluate and manage her worsening renal function”

For this sophisticated learners, posting a learning question up front will allow more efficient teaching from our preceptor

“This is a patient I am seeing on the walk-in clinic, she is seeing one of the PGY1s here and was just seen about a month ago with another upcoming appt with her PCP in 3 weeks. ”

This helps to set the context of the visit, your preceptor will know that you are providing urgent focused care, and not com prehensive primary care.  

“This is a ‘walk-in’ patient of mine whom I overbooked as she has been struggling with her back pain”

Again setting the context, so your preceptor knows that you are seeing this patient for a focused problem and may be running behind in time.